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Olivet College Offers Cultivating Women Leaders Inaugural Event

Olivet College’s Women’s Leadership
Image: olivetcollege.edu

In 2016, Margaret Ann Dimond took on a new role as president and chief executive officer of Crittenton Hospital Medical Center located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. On the board of several prestigious organizations, Margaret Ann Dimond sits on the advisory council of Olivet College’s Women’s Leadership Initiative and was a speaker at its inaugural Cultivating Women Leaders event.

Located in Olivet, Michigan, Olivet College began almost 175 years ago, and its founders believed that education should be available to all students. The college remains dedicated to impacting students, especially young women, with the help of strong female leadership. It seeks to inspire female students to become exceptional leaders and does this with the help of its Women’s Leadership Initiative and its new event.

The Cultivating Women Leaders annual event, which occurred on March 3, 2017, was established to inspire young women to realize their potential as strong leaders. The day-long program gave current and prospective students an opportunity to garner the necessary tools and resources to become leaders. Women business leaders in the state of Michigan gathered alongside Olivet College alumnae to give students the skills to overcome obstacles in the community and workplace. The 2018 event is scheduled for March 3.


Michigan Humane Society Sponsors Adoption Event at Detroit Zoo

Michigan Humane Society pic
Michigan Humane Society
Image: support.michiganhumane.org

An assistant professor at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, since 2003, Margaret Ann Dimond has extensive research experience and has authored numerous articles on social work clinical outcomes. A lover of animals – particularly canines – Margaret Ann Dimond, PhD, spends her downtime assisting numerous nonprofit animal organizations, including the Michigan Humane Society (MHS).

The MHS offers high-quality service and compassion to animals in its care, reduces animal overpopulation, and promotes humane treatment of animals. To fulfill its mission, MHS operates out of three separate centers, with one in Detroit, Westland, and Rochester Hills.

Among the adoption events sponsored by the MHS is its Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo offering, with one scheduled for September 16 and 17, 2106, at the Detroit Zoo. At this annual gathering, individuals have an opportunity to choose from among hundreds of puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats from approximately 40 animal welfare organizations. Although regular admission and parking fees apply for those visiting the zoo, there is no additional care for the adoption event. Since this event began in 1993, more than 22,000 pets have been adopted.

Michigan Humane Society – Investigating Animal Cruelty

Michigan Humane Society pic
Michigan Humane Society
Image: support.michiganhumane.org

Graduate professor and researcher Margaret Ann Dimond serves as an assistant professor at Michigan State University, where she teaches coursework in organizational leadership and nonprofit administration. Outside of work, Margaret Ann Dimond is a longtime supporter of the Michigan Humane Society (MHS).

A charitable animal welfare organization providing care for tens of thousands of animals every year, MHS investigates complaints of animal cruelty throughout Highland Park, Hamtramck, and Detroit. Since 1913, MHS has employed a team of cruelty investigators who follow up on reports of animal cruelty and gather evidence against accused individuals. If necessary, the investigators may seek to have individuals turn over ownership of their animals to MHS.

Dog fighting is one of the most common animal cruelty investigations performed by MHS. A cruel practice involving the breeding and training of dogs for violence, dog fighting has adverse effects on the community, such as the sale of drugs and weapons. After receiving calls related to suspected dog fighting activity, cruelty investigators gather physical evidence and testimony from individuals. Not only do MHS investigators remove dogs from these situations, but they also hold responsible parties accountable for their actions.

To learn more about cruelty investigation at the Michigan Humane Society, visit the official website at michiganhumane.org.