About Margaret Ann Dimond

Margaret Ann DimondAs an undergraduate student at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, Margaret Ann Dimond studied sociology and history. Following receipt of her bachelor’s degree, she pursued her master’s degree at the University of Michigan; her dissertation was entitled “Physician Focus Groups: An Applied Research Application,” and it analyzed physicians’ satisfaction with their hospitals. To support her thesis, Margaret Ann Dimond conducted research and focus groups at the Henry Ford Hospital to measure variables affecting loyalty, relationships, and values. Her key findings confirmed that past studies were still relevant, but also that encouragement and the importance placed on patient care also weighed heavily among physicians’ fulfillment in their workplace. Based on her dissertation, she was able to recommend strategies to improve the work environments at Henry Ford Hospital.

Today, Dimond serves on the advisory committee for Holy Name School. In addition, she supports local dog rescue organizations and has assisted with fundraising efforts to support the cause.


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