Robotic Surgery at McLaren Oakland Hospital


McLaren Oakland Hospital pic
McLaren Oakland Hospital

Combining an academic background in social work with experience in health care administration, Margaret Ann Dimond was recently named the CEO of McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. Margaret Ann Dimond’s previous executive experience includes leadership of the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit and the Henry Ford Health System.

McLaren’s treatment options include robotic surgery, most frequently for the care of gynecological, knee, and urological disorders. These innovative techniques involve the laparoscopic insertion of robotically guided instruments that mimic the hand motions of surgeons and, using small cuts, avoid making the large incisions common to traditional surgery.

Robotic procedures offer several other advantages over traditional surgery, most notably the reduction of side effects, such as bleeding, infection, pain, and scarring. Fewer blood transfusions are required. Patients in most cases can go home the same day. They generally recover faster and can resume their usual activities that much sooner.

Surgeons also benefit from robotic assistance. The technology allows them to more easily visualize the operating site and enhances their innate dexterity.

For further specific information about robotic surgery at McLaren Oakland Hospital, visit the hospital’s website at


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