Karmanos Medical Play Clinics Help Children Cope with Cancer

Karmanos Medical Play Clinics pic
Karmanos Medical Play Clinics
Image: karmanos.org

Margaret Ann Dimond serves as an assistant professor at Michigan State University’s School of Social Work, where she teaches graduate-level classes. Margaret Ann Dimond was the the president of the Karmanos Cancer Hospital at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, from 2014-16.

Based in southeast Michigan, the Karmanos Cancer Institute is an integrated research center dedicated to the total eradication of cancer and is the only Michigan-based hospital focused solely on cancer care. At the same time that the center provides state-of-the-art treatment options, it also helps patients and their family members cope with the diagnosis of cancer.

For children, the Karmanos Cancer Hospital offers medical play clinics to help them understand what a diagnosis of cancer means for a family member. They are led by Alexis Cora, a certified child life specialist who strives to help children and their families overcome these challenges. In the play clinics, effective coping is facilitated through play, preparative education, and self-expression activities. Moreover, the clinics provide emotional support for adult members of the family.